KAVA and Meta Masters Guild Post Impressive Gains, Crypto Market Healthy

• KAVA has seen a 9% jump in the past 24 hours and a 38% gain in a week.
• Coinbase will be listing KAVA from today, which has caused its indicators to perk up significantly.
• Meta Masters Guild has raised over $650,000 in its presale, which is attracting a growing number of investors to its play-to-earn gaming platform.

The cryptocurrency market has seen a slight correction over the last 24 hours, with a 2.5% drop overall. Despite this, some coins have still managed to buck the trend and post gains, with KAVA being one of the most impressive performers. KAVA has reached $1.03 today, representing a 9% jump in the past 24 hours and a 38% gain in a week. It has also posted a 52% return in the last 30 days, with Coinbase announcing that it will be listing the layer-one token from today.

This announcement sent KAVA’s indicators shooting up, with its relative strength index (purple) now at 80, while its 30-day average (red) begins moving up towards its 200-day (blue). Coinbase’s listing of KAVA will begin today from 9:00am Pacific Time (5:00pm UTC).

The growth of KAVA is not the only impressive performance in the crypto space recently. Meta Masters Guild has also seen a surge in investment, with its presale now having raised over $650,000. This is drawing a growing number of investors to the play-to-earn gaming platform as they seek to capitalise on its potential.

All of this shows that the cryptocurrency market is still in a healthy position, despite the correction over the last 24 hours. This is certainly good news for investors, as it suggests that the market is still strong enough to support a variety of different coins and tokens. The coming days and weeks will be interesting to watch, as we see if the current trends continue or whether we see a new wave of growth.

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